14 junij, 2011

Workshop REVOLUCIJA AKCIJA with Estela and Gilles

Friday, 17.6.2011, beginning at 16 h followed by dinner at around 18h

Škratova čitalnica (bus behind building Pešaki, Metelkova mesto)

What is revolutionary about Revolucija akcija:
Herbs and edible plants grow everywhere in the city, but we don’t pay enough attention to them. They are very high in proteins and vitamins, real vitamin bombs (!) that enable us to stop eating expensive, artificial pills and rather nibble on sth growing next to your ankle.

Revolucija Akcija can change the way you look on the environment surrounding you and city you live in.

We will meet at Škratova čitalnica and go around Metelkova. We'll look for and introduce you to edible foods growing around us. We are not experts, but familiar with herbs.

Everybody is welcome to share their knowledge!

Picking up herbs will be followed by a small dinner prepared from ingredients found in the city.