24 september, 2019

Infokafana: Diskusija o represiji in zaporniškem sistemu v ZDA

Infokafana: Diskusija o represiji in zaporniškem sistemu v ZDA

Petek, 27. september 2019 ob 20h

V [A] Infoshopu, anarhističnem socialnem prostoru na Metelkovi, nadaljujemo z lahkotnimi petkovimi večeri, ko se ob hladnih pijačah družimo in pogovarjamo o resnih in manj resnih stvareh v tovariškem vzdušju. Tokratna Infokafana bo obarvana z diskusijo o represiji in zaporniškemu sistemu v ZDA. Diskusija bo potekala v angleškem jeziku.

A long term American anarchist comrade will discuss the American prison system historically and currently, and the prison strikes of 2016 and 2018. What provoked them, the relationship to the broader anarchist movement, and the current status of these struggles today.
There will also be a focus on repression of revolutionary and anarchist movements in the USA in the 21st century. Including the new dynamics of repression post-911 and post-Trump. There will also be reference to some of the country's current political prisoners and ways to support them.
With discussing the states they will mention some of the obscure political and cultural complications that have come to define the contemporary anarchist movement of the states in comparison to other places in the world, as well as the extensive state apparatus developed with the intent to crush it.
Considering the complexity and limited time to discuss such large subjects, a q&a discussion will be held and encouraged following the initial talk.

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